A Professional Carpet Cleaner Advises

Your office or building is your second home. This is the place where you spend a productive day before going home to your family. So, its cleanliness is of the utmost importance. If you haven’t been feeling well lately, you should probably look down. What is the condition of your commercial carpets? One thing is for sure, they can really make you sick. A professional carpet cleaner explains:
All those fluffy and puffy carpets of ours trap millions of germs and allergens on a daily basis. They definitely make offices and establishments look warm and comfortable, but the contamination factor is a serious consideration. Working in a dirty and unhealthy environment can lead to multiple health issues. Commercial carpets must be cleaned professionally at least twice a year and even more often depending on the foot traffic. Skipping those cleans can lead to muscle and joint pain, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, and immune system disturbances.
Fungi can grow on your precious floor coverings, especially if they are located in areas with high humidity. All those invisible allergenic spores are a number one reason for most of the allergies. There are 3 types of mold spores that can develop in your carpets:
Allergenic mold; These microscopic organisms usually do not present a great danger to humans. In fact, they can be pretty harmless to healthy people. However, people with different allergies and breathing problems will have a hard time working in an office with dirty and dusty carpets.
Pathogenic mold; They cause some sort of infection by suppressing one’s immune system. These fungi can be very dangerous for some hypersensitive individuals.
Toxigenic mold; As the name suggests, these toxic mold spores produce mycotoxins that can seriously harm people’s health. Possible reactions are respiratory diseases and even cancer.

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